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California Closets Operations Associate in Indianapolis, Indiana

Job Summary   The Operations Associate ensures projects are manufactured and installed per the documented project scope. The operations associate is also responsible for identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and implement lean methodology into existing operations. This role will also be responsible for supporting the product team with programming and technical product documentation (cutsheet) support. Job Responsibilities   * Inventory count and cycle management on our production floor * Lead the execution of all service ticket requests and identify opportunities to increase efficiency for each existing process. * Collaborate with manufacturing to ensure projects are completed efficiently and on time with proper support documentation and project clarity * Ensure successful execution of projects from Programming to Installation* including reviews as needed with Programming, Manufacturing, Delivery Manager, and Installers * Provide Install and Operations support as needed. Competencies/Skills Required 1.  Communication:   Using language, verbal and written, to share and collect information, exchange ideas, and openly explore a variety of perspectives while being flexible to adjust style and content to each unique person, audience and situation. * * Ensure that others involved in a project or initiative are kept informed about developments and plans * Ensure that important information from customer or senior leader is shared with others assigned to the project as appropriate * Use appropriate means of communication (e.g. Slack, emails, memos, meetings) * Keep senior leaders informed about progress and problems; avoid surprises * Ensure that regular, consistent communication takes place * Communication should be articulate (verbal), easily understood; convey ideas and facts using language the customer and team members best understand. Present information clearly, concisely, and logically; focus on key points * Be concise, grammatically correct 2.  Decision Making & Judgment:  Using sound judgement to make timely decisions while being mindful of facts, goals, constraints, and risks. * Gather data and others’ input when making decisions * Consider lessons learned from experience, differing needs, and the impact of the decision on others * Balance analysis, wisdom, experience, and perspective along with external impacts when making decisions * Find solutions that are acceptable to all groups with conflicting interests and needs * Weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a decision and moving forward * Explain the rationale for decisions * Make necessary decisions even when information is limited or unclear * Learn from the consequences of decisions 3.  Results Driven:  Strong orientation for goal achievement and top performance with an ability to focus on what is important and create a sense of urgency to drive progress.  * Focus on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them to get the job done * Set high goals and works diligently to achieve them, pushing to reach milestones * Look for opportunities to help move a project along; volunteers to help others with projects or assignments * Respond to setbacks with increased efforts; is persistent in the face of difficulty * Willingly put in extra time and effort to ensure the goal is met * Make reasonable estimates of resources needed to achieve goals or complete projects * Use sound methods to plan and track work, appointments, and commitments * Evaluate progress on tasks and adjusts work style as needed * Complete high volume of work, keeping a rapid pace without sacrificing accuracy 4.Problem Solving:  Generates multiple viable solutions or courses of action to resolve a challenge or solve an issue. * Identify problematic and time-consuming areas within the business and provide innovative solutions * Identify and provide solutions to potential design issues or difficulty of installation execution 5.  Attention to Detail:   Ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy with a precise way of planning, organizing, and managing activities with specific details. Very good at executing the details of a plan. * Check work to ensure accuracy and completeness * Compare finished work to what is expected and address inconsistencies * Identify and address details that are easy to overlook or seem insignificant * Clarify priorities * Input data correctly with reports and tracking tools 6.  Collaboration:  Establishes a strong working relationship with team members, clients, and stakeholders to improve outcomes.  * Know and support teammates’ work and deliverables; help teammates who need or ask for support or assistance * Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of teammates * Encourage team unity through sharing information or expertise, working together to solve problems, and putting team success first * Help remove barriers to team productivity and success * Ensure joint ownership of goal setting, commitments, and accomplishments. Involve everyone on the team * Maintain open, approachable manner, and treat others respectfully * Preserve others’ self-confidence and dignity; show regard for others opinions * Seek and consider ideas from diverse viewpoints * Anticipate and recognizes the concerns of others, even if those concern are not openly expressed * Build rapport by listening to, discussing, and negotiating with, and rewarding, encouraging, and motivating others * Seek to resolve confrontations and disagreements constructively by focusing on the situation, issues, or behaviors, rather than the people 7. Time Management:    Able to plan and exercise conscious control of time spent on activities. * Prioritize key action steps * Anticipate the impacts and risks of decisions and actions * Seek and use others’ input about critical actions, timelines, sequencing, scope, methodology, expected outcomes, and priorities * See potential challenges and opportunities, and adjusts plans based on input * Create realistic schedules for projects and follow them * Evaluate progress against schedule and goal * Monitor and evaluate external variables that affect plans and prepare strategies to deal with problems or drastic changes * Prioritize tasks by importance and deadline and discern what is important from what is just urgent * Adjust priorities as situations change * Easily transition between tasks and pick up where left off when interrupted    Education/Knowledge/Requirements * CAD experience (not required) * Design, installation, or manufacturing experience preferred * Highly proficient in computer literacy and aptitude * Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and Google Suite * Eye for Detail and Problem-Solving * Ability to operate in fast-paced environment * Willingness to stick to a project and see it through to completion 2021 Outcomes/Measures of Success * Improved manufacturing efficiency * Organizational wide success rate * Shop and Product team defect reduction * Begin process of certification for programming and cutsheet production (L1 & L2 in 2021)