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Sylvan Learning Chemistry Teacher in Mishawaka, Indiana

Are you a teacher that thrives on seeing that moment when a child learns something new and their face lights up with excitement? Have you been frustrated with your inability to dig deeper into the needs of each of your students due to the pace and size of your classroom? Are you looking for a part-time job but feel like you have to sacrifice doing what you love to get a decent paying part-time job? In this high performing, individualized learning environment, you’re seeing the “light bulb” moments daily. You’re getting the time to teach something to a student in as many ways as they need it until they understand it. You’re building skills while building confidence. You’re doing something that feels like more than just a paycheck. You’re the difference maker. If it sounds like something you would love, keep reading… Sylvan Learning of Indiana is currently hiring a Part-Time Chemistry Teacher. Sylvan Learning provides academic tutoring for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade so that students can get ahead or get caught up. As a franchise group of 11 centers throughout Indiana our mission is to see success with every child. The Part-Time Chemistry Teacher plays a crucial role in delivering a high-level of content mastery focused skills to the students while at the same time building positive and confidence boosting rapport with the student. This position is educational and relational. Still excited? You guessed it, keep on reading… Skills/Requirements * Love Teaching! * Your passion for teaching rivals Ron Clark’s. * Love playing chess—because as a teacher, you always have to think one play ahead. * Multitask like it is going out of style. * Have a math knowledge like John Nash from A Beautiful Mind! * Love working out math problems so much that if Big Bang Theory was real life, you would be one of their friends because who doesn’t want a white board in their kitchen. * Know how to control and manage your own time—Ferris Bueller should not be your role model. * Like people—seriously, do we need to say more? * Find kids fun—again, do we need to say more? * Believe in making a commitment and sticking to that commitment. * Believe in the power of Radical Honesty. * Can embrace the phrase—“it always works out.” * Love to learn and see feedback as an opportunity to grow. * Hold a bachelor’s degree in math or a related field. If you’re a force to be reckoned with in the world and you want to hear more about our dream and how it fits with your dream, and if you’re excited to be a part of a fast growing and fast paced company in order to make a difference in a child’s life, take the leap and submit your application today.